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Functions SmartSNO Global
Manage IT infrastructure from anywhere at any time
Automatic recognition of supported devices
Support for monitoring and controlling the operation a wide range of devices (switches, routers, firewalls, IP phones, printers – level of toner cartridges and other parameters, CPE devices, servers – memory utilization, CPU utilization, HDD usage …
Monitoring and operation control of devices – vendor independent
Logging and displaying traffic flows, operating of devices, logging errors, etc..
Review of active, inactive connections and devices
Notification on the irregularities in the functioning of the monitored systems and multi-level (1)
Standardised statistical reports and reports on the operation of IT infrastructure (basic set without adjustment)
Display of the network topology and connections
Tool to search for devices in the IT infrastructure
Tool to review the system records (syslog) with advanced filtering
Adaptable views of devices
Tool for connecting to the network device via terminal interface within the system
Setting up and initial system configuration of SmartSNO (2)
The user introduction to work with the system SmartSNO remotely or. via web interface(3)
It may involve more than 6 devices
It may involve more than 1000 devices

(1) The system allows you to send and escalation of alarms and notifications via / per email inbox. In the case of notification via the example. GSM network, it is necessary to provide appropriate device or. interface. Within SmartSNO appropriate device is available at an additional cost, in the case of aapliance.
(2) Setting up and initial configuration of SmartSNO is limited to 1 PD
(3) Professional consultancy and support on established SmartSNO system is limited to 1 PD.
(4) Support, configuring and consulting services SmartSNO up to 8 hours.