Add your device

If you monitoring system SmartSNO is ready, you can add your first devices. Before you start you must know snmp community name configured on your devices. Usualy we configure same snmp community name on the same tipe devices but this is your decision. For start you must configure only RO (read only) community. For this example I take two switch Extreme X250e with community name smartsno. When devices are configured and everything is done, we can start to add access credentials in SmartSNO. Find Settings and open CredentialsScreenHunter_199 Jul. 10 10.10

You will find two already created credentials, now you can add your own. When you add credentials you can also add username and password or public key to access devices via telnet or ssh through SmartSNO plugin.

ScreenHunter_201 Jul. 10 11.30
ScreenHunter_200 Jul. 10 11.29


When done, you are ready to add device

ScreenHunter_202 Jul. 10 11.31

You have to know IP address of device which you would like to add, and of course credentials created before. There is several posibility to add one or more devices.

ScreenHunter_203 Jul. 10 11.31

After successful discover you will see information about device. Now you choose which Probe groups to add. The choice is up to you and depends on what do you want to monitor on device. If device model is already in SmartSNO, selection will be already checked if not, you have to select manualy.

ScreenHunter_205 Jul. 10 11.33


Next step is how to add device to the topology. You can add various topology groups, so you have to select topology first.


ScreenHunter_206 Jul. 10 11.33

When you add device it will become grey, until monitoring system will not try if device is reachable (ping). ScreenHunter_208 Jul. 10 11.35


I believe you are already tired :-). Drink your coffe and come back in few minutes, than you will see some gathered informationy from your devices.


ScreenHunter_207 Jul. 10 11.34

If you have any question you can ask in our community section. If you pay for your license you can use our support.